Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's the Journey

Oh man oh man, how is it possible that February is almost over??! Time flies when your having fun?? Today was nice and relaxed, my hip had been really bothering me and I finally sacked up and went to get it checked out on Tuesday just to verify that I was being a wuss. Turns out I chipped my femur and have bursitis in my hip which explains why I have ZERO range of motion and feel like someone took a claw into the side of my hip and cranked the muscles and tendons down... needless to say Physical Therapy here I COME!! I was feeling a little bit down about another small set back so I rented the Peaceful Warrior... changed my life. PERIOD. Honestly I am disappointed I never read the book but the movie was awesome, great lessons and it takes place in Berkeley! I really can't even describe it so if you have time, I suggest renting slash just buying it. So, I will not be on the mountain until the middle of next week at the earliest and intend to use this time to diligently stretch and dedicate to physical therapy to ensure no further injury. RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) is my new best friend and I am still stunned at how well my knees are holding up- knock on wood-.

After watching that movie I realized that while its awesome to set high goals and standards, there have been a lot of days where my focus is set so far into the future that I am not focused on why I chose to be here in the first place, and how amazing each day is that I am on the mountain doing what I love and doing it for ME and only me. I'm telling you this movie hit me hard, kind of an attitude check to reevaluate myself... totally needed. Tommy and I got some pretty good footage this past weekend he was up so the edit is underway!!! I feel like an excited kindergartner at show-and-tell.

Just had a nice video chat with Tak, Peaches, Chippy, and Vail!!! I really miss you guys, its weird not being on trips and seeing the team everyday, I dont know how long it will take for me to get used to it but as I told them, skiing everyday (give or take) is not a horrible existance. I've also been finalizing things on my internship in New Zealand this summer!!! 9 months straight of skiing is a fantasy that is on its way to becoming a reality.. pinch me???!! But again, not to get ahead of myself, I feel like I am slowly but surely progressing every day even if that means becoming that much more comfortable in the pipe. It's kind of a weird concept... you have to ditch your inhibitions and just trust and committ in what you are doing in there, you start thinking rationally and freaking out and before you know it your going up the wall at the wrong angle or leaving one ski out of the pipe and one ski inside the pipe when you land/ crash. I'm trying to really immerse myself in "the moment", cheesy I know, but honestly thinking and over analyzing does nothing but put you back, so I am taking out the trash, clearing my mind, and focusing on the most important thing in the world... "this moment". (seriously this is all from that movie, I am brainwashed, isht was awesome).

Long story short, this week is a rest week to get my body back to a place where I can continue to learn. There will be lots of PT, attempting to learn guitar, and reading to keep myself busy. Can't run because of my knees and shins, can't elliptical b/c of my darn hip, and lets not kid ourselves I'm not getting into ANY pool (even an inside one) with below freezing temperatures and falling snow :)
Good luck to the laxers back east!!! Show 'em whats up, I miss you guys (well some of you.... JOKING) every day, you're in my thoughts and I'm sending you positive vibes all day every day!


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