Saturday, February 12, 2011

Goggle Tan

Oh yes, the goggle tan is coming along quite nicely thanks to the sun finally deciding to show up and bump the temperature out of the negatives. Yesterday I spent all day in the park, getting more and more comfortable every day, I still have some pain in my shins but that's only on the slopestyle course, the pipe (scariest thing on this planet) is painless aside from decking (landing flat on the top of the pipe) or clipping your skis and tumbling down 22 feet of ice... other than that though NO PAIN!! The knees are awesome and the shins are much better, I am figuring out what I need to do to keep them appeased. Today I am getting a bit of a late start and heading up for the second half of the day. Hiking the pipe is getting easier, its much faster to just clip out of your skies at the bottom and hike back up to the top instead of heading to the bottom of the park and riding the excruciatingly slow 2 person chair back to the top of Freeway/ Parklane (the parks at Breck). Its quite the workout too! I've been working a lot on my core strength, flexibility and agility, all things that are ssooo vital to success in this line of skiing. Also went over to Woodward yesterday after a long day of skiing (probably not my best idea). I have been working hard on my corks, rodeo and misty 5's, I am hoping to try them this weekend/ coming week on the slopestyle course, could be very successful or VERY painful.

On that note, I have been following this quote thing on Twitter and a sweet quote came up yesterday morning as I was on the chairlift: "Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt". WWOOOAAAHHH, loved it, and while maybe it is not as heavily referring to "attempts" that may compromise physical well-being, I find it so true that our minds can be our strongest opponents. I feel like a creep on Twitter but it is actually awesome. After the REINSTATEMENT OF CAL LACROSSE YESTERDAY I could follow their first game of the season thanks to Twitter and of course Dave (Cal's best trainer). I am so excited to see how the team does Sunday; everything happens for a reason, its about time the athletic department snapped out of their delirious state and realized what a mistake they made cutting the most amazing group of women the school has. I am so happy for the team!!!!!! Its actually pretty funny, yesterday on the chair lift this kid was going on and on and on about his college and playing D2 lacrosse and kept saying how much he missed it and how weird it was to have graduated... while I could not get a word in edgewise I borderline started bawling thinking about how much I miss being on a team and having those pre-game jitters and high energy warm-ups. Did you guys get the warm-up Mix??!!!??

Dew Tour is wrapping up this weekend and I am hoping all of those beautiful boys hurry back to Breck, they all roll up to the park in RedBull Helmets (I would die to have one) and sticker laden skis... FIRES ME UPPPPPP!!! Not too much to report, still working on an edit to show you what I've been working on out here, this process is so slow, while I am trying desperately to embrace being patient, I swear if one more pro/ coach tells me to be patient I am going to explode!!! Good song right now- Donald Trump by Mac Miller, way chill, its a perfect song to cruise to, I listen to it to calm me down if I am getting frustrated in the park. Best Love Song by Chris Brown and T-Pain is good too!!! Oh and Akon song (Ta) called Wanna Rock... anyone have good new music?? Tak I have a playlist for you. Ok enough mindless rambling for now, off to the old saltmine (hahaha what a joke this isht is heaven on earth) !! Good Luck to the Laxers tomorrow, I'll be getting updates on the chairlift, wish I was out there with you guys :) one last quote (for now)

"The most danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and we miss it, but we aim too low and reach it" -Michelangelo


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