Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Black and Purple Black and Purple Black and Purple Black and Purple

Oh boy, another week at work... rough stuff being on the mountain, really though its getting pretty brutal. Last week I got WAAYY too much speed on a rail (that I literally could do in my sleep) and had a nice fall back to earth onto my face/ left eye. I was wearing goggles and my helmet but the impact really f'ed my isht up. Learning experience right? Ah, whatelse... I am still working on putting together an edit that will really progress as I do throughout the season. I've been really focusing on the pipe, especially after watching the X games. It was a sick year for the women, Sarah Burke returned from shoulder surgery and threw together a sweet run stacked with 9's (2.5 spins) and flairs (kind of like a sideways flip). The weather here has not been very permissible to training with balmy -15 degree windchill and close to -20 on the mountain, thanks to this apocalyptic storm covering 2/3 of the country. Not too much to report, trying to keep truckin' this is definitely difficult mentally and physically but watching the competitions and videos some of the guys put together, it reminds me that this is really what I am meant to do no matter how "tough the going gets". I am going into Vail next week once the World Champs are over in Park City to meet with Jen Hudak's (women's superpipe all-star) pipe coach who now is the director of a club over in Vail... trying to keep options open and progress my progression (redundant much?). Trying to get summer plans finalized also, I am hoping for an internship in New Zealand and if that doesn't work then I am prepared to swim there and live in a tent on Snow Park Mountain to continue training. Aggressive.. how weird!! Anyway hopefully I will have some sick shots to put up soon, the bro was not up last weekend with the GoPro (baby camera that is literally indestructible) so we will get some filming in this coming week/ weekend! Hopefully I won't lose a limb to frostbite this week, warm thoughts go out to everyone!


1 more thing... these kids are obviously sick but I can't get enough of this video it is so cool and hilarious... love skiers (its the first video "Joss 2010- Team Canada)

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