Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grapefruit Juice and Icy Hot

Oooo baby BABY... wondering what the title is all about? Forgetting to wash the icy hot off my hands following its application to my slowly dying shins followed by eating a delicious, ripe grapefruit drowned in sugar was easily not my best decision. However, those throbbing shins were the sign of a good couple of days. Officially I was cleared to ski Monday and obviously celebrated with a few hours of laps in the park. Threw a few straight-airs, mute (crossing one foot over the other and grabbing that foot), tail grab (also crossing one foot over the other and grabbing the ski behind you) nose grab (same thing but grabbing the ski in front of you) and Japan air (grabbing the bottom of your boot/ski) then the usual "backy" (backflip) and some 180's, 360's, and a few rails/ boxes. Whew, good start to the week. Following that day the legs were feeling a bit shakey so yesterday I went over to Woodward (an indoor training facility with tramps, foam pits, and ramps/ jumps) to switch up the training and get back to the foam pit... you know give the body a little less of a beating.

They have a big ramp (about 3 stories high) that jumps you into a foam pit. Started again with straight airs and a really nice laid out back flip to warm up and began getting into the more challenging tricks. Misty 5's are easy on the trampoline and I am finally starting to get the hang of misty 7's (both front flips combined with either 1.5 spins or 2 spins respectively).Well, on skies its a horse of a new breed... the first couple I would start off perfectly then forget to finish the trick, maneuvering your body in the air is a weird feeling, put heavy skis and boots on and you have yourself a challenge.As I got more and more frustrated with that some of the guys who work there (most of them sponsored skiers) wanted me to try doing some corks (spinning off axis, then attempting to land straight up). At that point I was so excited to be talking to boys I said screw it, had them show me what I needed to do on the take off, and just went to the top and tried it. I emerged from the foam pit to three guys freaking out at how “bad” (good bad) the cork 5 was, I think the lack of girls in that facility let alone the ski world made it that much more exciting as well. I feel like I’ve become their project. I tried a few more and as I got tired they slowly drifted from almost cork 7’s to cork 3’s (360). But for the most part, it was a very productive training session and... drumroll... I made some friends, that ski superpipe and are taking me out there today!!! Should be interesting, I am praying I don’t break anything or do anything to embarrass myself.

Lesson from yesterday, Just F’in do it, really though, just had to trust my body and throw the trick as hard as I could and what do you know it worked! Now, getting the trick down may require me to start understanding the trick more; but, the comfort level is going up and I am beginning to feel much more fearless (good and bad thing?). Sooo, off to meet up with the Woodward boys to see what I can do in the pipe!! X games tomorrow, so stoked to see what the ladies are bringing this year, the courses are flawless, should definitely be a good year!


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