Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So my updates have not been as often and consistent as I would have liked thus far but I promise there will be many more to come. The stress reactions in my shins have proven to really be a lesson in patience so while I have been waiting for them to heal I went to Palm Springs with my old club team to coach them in a tournament. Lucky for me Tsher and Nikki were down there (Meredith I'm bitter the third musketeer was not there) and it was amazing to see them. Sounds like preseason went well and Cal Lax is on its way to an unforgettable season. My team won their division in the tournament (surprise surprise) and I have to say being around lacrosse again especially being with those girls made me miss lacrosse and having a team, they are insane together and most of them have already committed to schools; I feel like a proud parent, they gave me a second wind and restored a happiness and passion in me, as they always do whether they know it or not. Now I am back and heading up to the mountains to get these darn legs cleared and strap the skis back on. Since I have not been on the slopes I have been doing LOTS of land training, trampoline stuff with Tommy and building ramps to practice on while I am temporarily suspended from large jumps (Home Depot thinks I am a crazy person). Keeping busy has been difficult but again I am taking this little blip as a lesson in patience, listening and adhering to the doctor's orders is something I am less than good at :) X-games are in a week, I am excited/ nervous to see what the women pull out this year I feel like I am in a really long stressful game of catch-up in trying to get where they are. Soooo, until then just uploaded a little vid of some of the trampoline stuff the bro and I did the other night, nothing too crazy just working on off axis corks and flips, and finally landing my misty 7's!!! (thats a front flip with two twists while off axis, its the second trick on the video, I threw my hands up with happiness). Hope all is well and the new year is treating everyone well! Oh one last thing about the tramp, some of the sections are in slow motion so you can really see the trick and others are in real time, they look sped up and yes I realize I look like a slob.

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