Sunday, February 20, 2011


THE BRO IS HERE!!!!! Ah love it when he comes up, we got dinner and a movie and have made more crude jokes in the past 24 hours than I know what to do with, its amazing having a sibling your close with... Tommy is so f'ing cool. Anywho, hit the slopes yesterday and have been for the past week; it was ssooo sunny at the beginning of the week but the snow and wind are back to play which means its looking like a powder day tomorrow. The pipe is SLOWLY getting less scary, I thought I had the whole attitude of fearlessness/ adrenaline addict down pat but I have to shut myself up when that rational voice pops into my head reminding me how crazy this is. Taking today off, my hip feels like crap I have put it through the ringer since I am starting to get my spins in the pipe going, I would LOVE to stop falling. So laying low and back out tomorrow with the bro to get some footage for my edit!!! Can't wait to put together the stuff that I have been working on, again this is a slow process but I am still confident with the choice I have made and prepared to put in as much work as it takes to make it to the top. Happy Prez weekend, sorry this was a boring post. Congrats to the Cal laxers, 2-0 in MPSF!!!!! So proud, still miss you guys everyday.


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