Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mardi Gras & March Madness

MARDI GRAS! I swear to god this is the first legitimate/ justifiable party week in Summit County; these mountain folk research for the sole purpose of finding any excuse to drink excessively, make poor decisions, and not work. With that in mind I sincerely apologize for my lack of update, it seems that this leisurely lifestyle is rubbing off on me, and no… I am still overly competitive, stubborn, and working my rapidly growing butt off. Onto the important things… SKIING. The snow is back which of course brings the many incompetent tourists who clog the mountain into looking more like an ant farm than a place for real athletes. Ok I’m sorry, I’ve been watching Tosh.0 and I think his cynical/ blunt humor is rubbing off. Back to business, weekends are a bear, tourists think that the half pipe is built for amusement and proceed to “pizza” their way down the center with blatant disregard to the many of us trying to be somewhat productive. Therefore I have been sticking to errands and fun with the fam on the weekends and training during the week. Things are continuing to go well, my hip is healing quickly thanks to my BEAUTIFUL physical therapist… we’re in love… no, he does not know yet. So three days a week with him and two days a week on the pipe from sun up to sun down has become the current routine. I hit the pipe last week after a week of mandatory rest and was surprised at how easy it felt to be in the pipe. Muscle memory you never cease to amaze me… proof that progress IS being made.

Ames came up this weekend with Burke and we all went out on the town last night with some of Burke’s friends, I was the responsible DD. #maturity (ps we ran into my PT at our last stop bar… thank you sweet 8 pound 6 ounce baby jesus)
Ames and I had a great chat about judgment. No, not in a court with an annoyed and overweight judge or at The Pearly Gates, but snap-judgment. The people I have met up here are great people, talk about street smart, some of the stories are astounding but I have found myself realizing how vastly different the culture/ people are up here compared to those I have been surrounded by. Yes weed is abundant (ssooo me… not) and jobs are held for the sole purpose of having enough money for weed, rent, booze and skiing (not that I’m mad at any of that). But it is such a different mentality; being happy and being around people who make you happy are things that people base their lives around. Initially I could not deal with the overly laid back mentality but the truth of the matter is that the welcoming, non-judgmental vibe is really teaching me how to let go. So many people have hit roadblocks and f’ed up their records but their positive outlook on whom they are and what they want to do along with their openness to those around them is eye opening. Oh life lessons… isn’t growing up fun!

Played tennis today with Ames, I’ve decided to broaden my sport horizons again after a long and very exclusive relationship with lacrosse. I have to say this experience has become so much more than I could have ever imagined. Still have over a month of season but with the whole patience on the mountain and letting go of social bull isht off the mountain, I feel liberated. I am so blessed to have support of the people I love and care about and am even happier to be doing what I love!! All the pros are flocking back before Euro Xgames and a friend of mine is doing a photo shoot in the pipe at Copper sooooo I will DEF be scoping out that scene. Promise to be better with the updates (Gina don’t kill me I will call you). “The path to success is to take massive, determined action”… Back to work tomorrow, life is good let the March Madness begin!!!


PS. Breckenridge and Winter Olympic shout-out in Tosh’s stand-up… and for that we thank you

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