Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Daylight Donuts

This is only the BEST place on earth... for breakfast at least, lets not kid ourselves I'm not going to discount Taco Bell that easily. It is also the place that started my week on a great foot. Ames and I dropped in for a wonderful dish of hashbrowns and green chili when who walks in.... Justin Dorey and Simon Dumont (TITANS of the superpipe). Of course I had just had PT and was in shorts and a longs leeve Cal shirt (yes I still rep old Berk) so I was not in a presentable state, BUT I pulled a Vail and made sure my legs looked long and luscious thanks to one more roll of the shorts for my walk past their table, and proceeded to RACE home to get my skis on and get on the mountain (miss you Vail!!). The rest of the day I spent hiking and sharing the pipe with 4 of the top pipe skiers in the world. While they were perfecting their flat 5's and a couple were throwing some doubles, I continued my patient work getting out of the pipe, staying relaxed and varying my grabs. Holy ego check... and may I say that trying to focus on skiing while being in the midst of guys like that, boarder line impossible. I was more starstruck than I would have been had Br-Angelina walked through the door.

I feel awesome this week already!!! The time off working on the hip and core strength paid off, my muscle memory has kicked in and I feel great in the pipe! Hit up the park Monday, Tuesday and today. Conditions weren't so hot today so it was a short day in the park and I cruised for a bit to clear the mind and pick my head up to remind myself what a beautiful place I am in. I've started to go for little walks at night, the stars are so bright here its like swimming in a pond of diamonds. (cheesy i know) Its a great way to end long days too, the quiet is wonderful and refreshing. "The ability to honestly and quietly reflect on one's life is one of the most powerful tools for personal growth." - Richard Carlson. Tomorrow will be another sunny day so all-day pipe sesh followed by a Woodward training sesh will make for a great Thursday! Here's hoping for a painless and successful tomorrow! Spring Break is upon us, things are bound to get busy up here so I'm trying to progress as quickly as possible before the mountain becomes a tourist amusement park. All my love to the laxers, good luck with the upcoming games, as always positive vibes being sent your way. Safe travels and stay healthy!


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