Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Gravity?

What a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!! AAHH we finally got some snow (we were in desperate need) granted it was only 5 inches but it was of serious help to the mountain that continues to be plowed over by tourists. Today was sunny, warm, spring time ski weather and I had an AWESOME day in the pipe. Getting back from the concussion with freshly tuned skis, I focused on pushing my amplitude even further. I had some great hits and was getting out of the pipe 5-6 feet!!! I have to admit that it feels ssoo much higher when you are in the air but nailing that initial drop/ hit has my confidence and comfort in the pipe rising.

There is about a month left of season and I have a feeling that this remaining time will be dense with progress. I went over to work with the Vail coach, Dave, at Woodward this afternoon (and will be back tomorrow) and started off with my flat spins (they have proved to be quite the hurdle). Again the problem with this sport is relaxing and letting go, my tendency to over-analyze is the shock collar that prevents me from moving forward. Sooo, today was about letting that go, relaxing as I jet out of the pipe and trusting my body on the tramps and ramps at Woodward. After a good 2 hours I left feeling confident with my progress and lesson to really "take out the trash" and let go of all the inner monologue/ analyzing. All of which resulted in some SICK 5's and 7's and flat spins!!!!

Still finalizing plans for this summer in NZ and trying to organize my life for my return to Berkeley in the fall. Its shocking to think of how fast time has flown by. How am I almost a SENIOR IN COLLEGE?! In all honesty I'm having quite a bit of internal strife in terms of the future. Its aggravating when it feels like you are the only one who truly buys into what your doing and the plan you have set for yourself. I have been so fortunate with success in such a broad range of endeavors but I think that instead of seeing that as a sign for impending failure, I see it as motivation to continue to work towards a goal. So many people halfheartedly go for things and plan "back-ups" "just in case something happens", doesn't that seem like a premature raising of the white flag or expectation to fail?? We often define ourselves through our accomplishments, but true definition of character is established based on how you pick yourself up after falling and it may be the crazy competitive side of me saying this but if i fail I want to know that there was NOTHING else I could have done to succeed in that specific area. Everyone has run into roadblocks whether they are minuscule or gargantuan, I guess its my stubborn nature speaking but if I set a goal, there is nothing that can stand in my way and impede me from accomplishing it. At this crossroads (end of college) it is difficult to define whether you are "young and have so much time" or "need to start getting your life plan together". Frankly I am scared to death. But I know deep down that I do have time, and going off and getting married or bringing a corporate big wig his morning coffee in order to seal a comfortable future are not paths I want to take. At this point I think its about deciding what you want from your life and how many risks you are willing to confront in order to achieve that. Yes, things can go awry and failure can happen, but the greatest failure is cutting yourself short and fearing to take that jump. I know loved ones don't want to see us fail or get hurt but at some point you have to trust that everything you've learned and the person you have defined yourself to be will help you to succeed or adjust. Growing up... oh there just isn't anything like it is there??

I don't mean to go on a rant but I have been thinking a lot about the future and how fragile the plans we set for ourselves really are. I have a vision of where I want to be one year, five years, even ten years from now but there are so many events we don't see/ know about that can have such an impact on our future! (at age 10 did you think you'd be where you are today?) Heavy stuff for a Wednesday night, I guess I just wanted to verbalize what I have come to find; it may suck but it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks... the most crucial component of success is believing, with all of your heart/ every ounce of you, in YOURSELF (I'll be going out for Miss America soon).

This mountain air and alone time has obviously lead me to believe that I am the next Aristotle so again my apologies for any forced opinions/ tirades on life. I'm reading "A Confederacy of Dunces" (thank you Tori :) and have to say its an awesome book, great read for the summer for those of you literate folk. Obviously I am losing any social aptness so I am cutting myself off. Goodnight and congrats to the Lax Rats on the win over Drexel!!! (Mel 4 goals... really?!?!) Counting down the days until I see you all in April. More updates on skiing, less on life outlook, to follow.


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  1. just wanted to say that I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU THIS THURSDAY!!!!!! HOLY SHIT. its been way to long

    ...I also have a funny story for you that you're going to love. I would text you it but i lost my phone (some bitch stole it), so i'll just have to tell you in person. LOVE YOU. see you in about 80 hrs!! Wahoooo