Friday, December 10, 2010

Starting Line

Finishing up Finals is probably going to be one of the longest most mentally draining processes because of the excitement of next year welling up. The plan is to live and ski in Breck. CO from the 18th of December onto the end of ski season, April 24th. I will be taking the semester off of school and away from Berkeley until the Fall semester of 2011 (graduating is a priority). While away, I will be living the life of a skier in training. That's early mornings of training from 8:30-4 three days a week with a team and coaches, as well as another 3 days of hitting the "park" to get reps in of the skills I will be learning. Woodward is a facility 30 minutes away in Copper that is specially for freestyle ski training. They have Olympic trampolines and ramps with foam pits designed for those of us who find pleasure out of jumping way too high in the air. I will start this journey when I get home on the 17th and continue through the winter and early spring. This Blog is to keep the ones I love updated since we all know I am terrible with my phone and will probably be worse with the long hours of training and early bedtimes!!!!! The support has been awesome and the love from friends and family is something that I will be carrying with me daily on this crazy quest to the X-games and hopefully the Olympics! It won't be easy, I miss my team already.


  1. Exciting plans... remarkable, actually! Wherever you go, what ever you do... your passion blazes a trail. Good job living life and dreaming those dreams! sdafoe

  2. Allison - This is VERY exciting. I think it is great that you have a vision / a dream! Keep it alive - go for it, and have fun along the way! "The secret of life is enjoying the passing of time" (James Taylor).

    I don't know if you know it, but your Mom and I used to spend every afternoon on the trampolene after school. We got really good at flips, twists, and combining flips and twists (both layouts and tucks)! Maybe it's in your blood!

    Love you - Always there - Uncle Charlie

  3. Hi Angel Face, What a great blog! I can't wait to see you and have you back "home". I'm so very proud of you and for taking a chance at doing something you have a passion for. Too many of us don't ever take the risk and end up regretting it the rest of our lives. You are amazing and I am so proud to be your mother!!