Sunday, December 26, 2010

Moving on UP

Merry Christmas to errybody, hope it was spectacular! Tommy and I were in the mountains skiing for the week leading up to Christmas and then Christmas morning as well! Snow has been absolutely amazing and being with the family has not been half bad either. Hit the halfpipe on Christmas morning, it hasn't snowed in a little while so it was perfect conditions for hitting the jumps and pipe. Tommy threw a cool TWO backflips on the jump at the base of the half-pipe and I managed to get TEN FEET out of the pipe on my third run! Granted... I launched out of the pipe and landed nice and flat on one of the sides, felt like falling off the roof of a lofty one-story house. BUT the good to come out of it is that I can get that far out of the pipe, now its just about staying in and throwing some sick tricks to go along with it... easy right?! NOT. Today is my last day in Denver for a while, tomorrow I will be moving all of my things up to the Breckenridge house where I will be living and then training on Tuesday (training was put off when I got home since the first stop of the Dew Tour was taking place at Breck). I will try to post an update weekly to document any progress I make, so fingers crossed here we go!! Hope all is well with everyone, enjoy our last week of 2010, have a safe and wonderful New Years!!

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  1. hahaha "its like falling out of a one story house" that is a perfect quote that describes the stuff you like to do.. Love the blog so far welsh. Anyway you could post videos? that would be sIcKKKK. Hope your shins are doing better with the new boots.
    LOVE YOU!!
    ps. Try not to kill yourself doing all this (especially since your 21st birthday is coming up....which btdubs, im ganna start planning- how does vegas sound?) misss you xxx