Monday, June 13, 2011

The land of Kiwis

Cheers from Wellington, New Zealand!!

I have been here for about 5 days and feel much more settled and comfortable with the country's capital. I live with 4 other girls (all from the midwest) in a flat in the city; it is walking distance to EVERYTHING and definitely makes life easy as far as getting to work, restaurants, bars... you know, the important things :)

My roommates are hysterical, and took me out my first night (friday) to get a feel for Wellington and meet some of the Kiwis they had befriended. The city is pretty small, about 500,000 people, but is so vibrant with live music, fun bars, tons of museums, and a young business district where I intern 5 days a week. The company is in the starting stages but has already really taken over in Wellington tourism and looks to quickly expand into Auckland, Queenstown, and other major cities on both the North and South Islands.

Working life is def not what I expected, the days are much longer than I thought but its been great working for this company as my second day here I am already writing press releases and scheduling meetings with potential customers. Not the coffee and copy job so many interns have to suffer through, I actually feel like I am on the road to some great work experience (even though it is a bit scary having no clue what I am doing)! Oh isn't growing up fun.

All the girls I live with and I have sat down and created lists of things we would like to do while here. Obviously as the adrenaline junkie I have found the most absurd things to do, especially in Queenstown (the adventure capital of the WORLD). There is this zip-line from hell you can do where they pretty much strap you to a motorized stretcher attached to a zipline wire and send you across a canyon... then there is the necessary Bungee jumping field trip, it was invented here so it would be a sin not to do it. Skydiving (tommy) and as much skiing and exploring as I can fit into a weekend/ week day (when they are free).

I went on a jog the other morning up Mt. Victoria, which our flat is perfectly situated on the base of, and the look-out at the top was breathtaking. It is winter here so we are to start expecting some more cloudy, rainy, mild days but since sunday we have been blessed with sun and a crisp breeze. I am looking forward to the meetings with Ben (CEO) at the end of the week (the other intern wasn't invited, its safe to say i'm kicking his butt) and the rugby game/ other festivities we have planned for the weekend!! The hunt for a hot kiwi man-friend is ON.

Speaking of Kiwis... went to the zoo on Sunday with some of the girls and had an absolute bast. Fed giraffes, saw some kangaroos and KIWIS!!!!! they have a 1-legged one named Tahi (which means 1 in the native language Maori). Lots of fun so far and looking like there is only more of it to come!!! Loving the land of the Kiwis but missing the fam! Hope all is well with all the other crazies interning abroad, Europe is being overrun with Cal Lax-rats, wish I could get over there to join :)

Lots of love and sending positive vibes to everyone, especially those affected by yet another earthquake in Christchurch.


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