Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful:

Season is OVER!!!! And with record snowfall, countless bumps and bruises, and a few eye-opening experiences I can safely say it was the best winter I have ever had. My sincerest apologies for the lack of “update”; last week I attempted to post a little video blog (inspired by Gina) but the blog was not a fan and there were some technical issues with the video itself.

So again I find myself standing at another life checkpoint per se. Plans for New Zealand are solidified and I set off at the beginning of June until the fall semester rolls around! The internship I “snagged” (Tori) is once-in-a-lifetime status, so I am very anxious to get things going and get down there! I will have weekends to ski and a 2 week stint on the south island working with the big ski resorts which will make sneaking away for some hits in the pipe much easier ☺!!!!

I originally thought that the NZ Freeski Open (slopestyle/ pipe competition) would be held again in August but it will take place this year in September instead… which is a bit of a buzz kill as far as starting my competition career but I’m pretty sure I will survive and life will go on. Ended the year with some pretty powdery days so NOT too much quality time in the pipe resulting in most time spent on the jumps. I am still trying to perfect my 5’s spinning to both the left (my dominant side) and the right (wee bit harder) in the pipe, which is not prevalent in the women’s field (the whole spinning both ways thing). Had a pretty bad crash on one of the last days so today I will be getting an MRI on my shoulder to see what the deal is, at least the knees held up (I am still utterly shocked that that is the case)! Even though I will be back in school this fall, I am excited to keep training and working hard at chipping away at this crazy profession. After stress reactions, a chipped femur, bursitis, concussions, jammed/ dislocated/ broken thumbs and messed up shoulders and elbows I can say that I have survived this season and I am ready for hundreds more. There were so many positives of the season both on and off the mountain that only reassure me that I have made the right decision by taking charge of my life and going after my goals (as crazy as they may seem). I am so excited to see where this endeavor takes me!

“if you are not willing to risk for the unusual; you will have to settle for

Things have been a bit hectic back home so family time has been huge for the past week that I’ve been back in Denver. I will be visiting my dad’s mom this weekend in Kansas and making a few stops at KU to re-acclimate myself to college life. Tommy is still in lacrosse season and with a recent bumpy couple of weeks I am taking lots of time to be with my family/ loved ones. Life is so short that we really take it and the people in it for granted. So thankful for those in my life, as cheesy as it is you really have no idea the curve ball tomorrow can slam in your face… trying to really enjoy living in the moment and the company I am in, I feel like I have learned ssoo much…. And apparently become a huge hippie!! That’s about it though! Remaining vigilant yet patient with the halfpipe madness but I am still completely invested in the chase. Good luck to the laxers in MPSF, sending positive vibes as always.

All my love.


ps. Jen Hudak (i know i am slightly obsessed) has this sweet mantra that her family really embraced when her father was diagnosed with leukemia, thought i would pass it on! "Conquer your Everest"

Commit yourself to your goal then
Open your mind to all possible paths.
Never give up.
Question those who doubt you and respond with
Unrelenting focus.
Exert yourself in a
Regimented training routine.
You are your biggest competition.
Organize your efforts and maintain an
Unfailing belief in yourself.
Require 10% more each day.
Expect the best, but prepare for the worst.
Vary your outlook.
Exempt yourself from excuses.
Resist distractions and
Escape restrictions.
Surpass others expectations and always
Test the limits.

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